Sale and installation of water filters
We have provided clean drinking water to thousands of homes!


Callefiks OÜ has been selling water filters for 20 years. That is why we know our field well, as we have installed water filters in thousands of homes and thus provided our customers with clean drinking water. In addition to the sale of water filters and water treatment equipment, we also install all our equipment and perform maintenance on the equipment sold. We offer industrial solutions for large consumers. We are building a water treatment plant and a borehole pumping station in cities and settlements.

We are importers of many well-known brands of water treatment equipment. We cooperate with leading European sellers and manufacturers of water treatment equipment such as StrongFlow OY, Eurotrol S.p.A, Lorivan NV, Aqua-Techniek BV, BWT Separtec OY and Fluidra Danmark.

The largest distributor of our products is FEB AS, whose sanitary ware stores are located in Tallinn, Rakvere, Tartu, Narva, Viljandi and Pärnu.



Iron, manganese and color filtration

ARS-250 Micronizer

1,575.00  With TAX:1,575.00 

Water softening


1,275.75  With TAX:1,275.75 

Iron, manganese and color filtration


1,528.80  With TAX:1,528.80 

Mechanical filtering

Big Blue 20-1 1/2″

110.25  With TAX:110.25